Joyce A. Ulrich is an artist who lives in Santa Cruz, California. After graduating from high school in Indiana she attended John Herron Art school in Indianapolis, Indiana for one year. She then quit, got married, and had two children. As a young mother, she continued to paint but found it difficult to find the time and space.

In 1973, she divorced and she and the children moved to California. It was there that she began an academic career. In 1980, she graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in sociology.

In 1981, she moved to England where she attended the University of Kent, earning a MA in Women's Studies.The education she received benefited her in her painting career.

The subject and interest of her paintings became political as she watched the political scene. She counts her work successful when people say, "ah ha!, I hadn't thought of that before.". She is currently producing political cartoons on local and national subjects.

Artist Statement: My role as an artist is to seek the truth; to show the ironies and inconsistencies that we all live with.

Ms. Ulrich has had several shows in the Bay area and is in the collections of people throughout North America. Her cartoons appear in the local newspaper.