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victory at sea (1952)
baraka (1992)
billabong odyssey (2003)
blue water, white death (1971)
the celluloid closet (1995)
crazy love (2007)
the crusades (1995)
eastwood on eastwood (1997)
the endless summer (1966)
the fog of war: eleven lessons from the life of robert s. mcnamara (2003)
the forgotten coast (2007)
blind spot. hitler's secretary (2002)
jackass number two (2006)
the last waltz (1978)
march of the penguins (2005)
the matrix revisited (2001)
riding giants (2004)
step into liquid (2003)
triumph of the will (1935)
the u.s. vs. john lennon (2006)
why we fight (2005)
the wild parrots of telegraph hill (2003)
woodstock (1970)
dangerous days: making blade runner (2007)
groundhog day: the weight of time (2002)
the making of 'no country for old men' (2008)

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